The African Origin of Civilization

I cannot understand how people are confused with the identity of the pharaohs. By simply looking at the statues and busts of the ancient Kemets (Egyptians),I see black with black features. Diop argues the Egyptian civilization was initiated by the Black Race and sustained by it. This race was from the land of Kush starting from the identity of the mummies, the "red" complexion, the relationship of Egypt with its neighbours what happened to them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

On-Line Discussion Forum

This is an on-line discussion forum called ME Publishing Discussion Group. An outline of The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality (1984) follows: Diop analyzes the following topics in each chapter.

  • Chapter 1: What Were The Egyptians
  • Chapter 2: Birth Of The Negro Myth
  • Chapter 3: Modern Falsification of History
  • Chapter 4: Could Egyptian Civilization Have Originated in the Delta?
  • Chapter 5: Could Egyptian Civilization Be of Asian Origin?
  • Chapter 6: The Egyptian Race as Seen and Treated by Anthropologists
  • Chapter 7: Arguments Supporting a Negro Origin Totemism
  • Chapter 8: Arguments Opposing a Negro Origin
  • Chapter 9: Peopling of Africa from the Nile Valley
  • Chapter 10: Political and Social "Evolution of Ancient Egypt"
  • Chapter 11: Contribution of Ethiopia-Nubia and Egypt
  • Chapter 12: Reply to a Critic
  • Chapter 13: Early History of Humanity